Sun and Moon

You and what Army?

Well, today has certainly been rather eventful… as in yikes, today has certainly been eventful.
Where to begin, where to begin…

The Ashmore Apprenticeship

This is actually quite flattering for me… to think, that Ashmore trusts me enough that he’s willing to request lessons in magic from me is touching, and fills me with a warmth that I seem unable to discern the root of. It’s… nice, and I’ve never had a student before.

So, Ashmore’s shown a keen interest in learning my most recent spell, which I’ve dubbed the “bolt of wrath” at his advising. Why not, right? Besides, he’s shown me incredible kindness of late and I honestly can’t repay him enough for that. Heck, I might even try to mod his armor later on, see if I can’t do him a few favors- GAH! I’m getting off track!

Anyway as I was saying, roughly one week ago I began trying to teach Ashmore the Bolt of Wrath spell, which would give him access to a wide range of electrical powers. I… well, he hasn’t made a whole lot of progress, but he’s at least managed to produce a few sparks, and that’s something right? I rather think that he’d be quite pleased with this spell in particular, especially given that I’ve specially designed this to be a modifiable breath weapon that will take almost whatever form he should desire it to.

I quietly fear that the downside to this modifiable spell trait is that it’s giving him a little more trouble than either of us had initially bargained on… but by the Solar and Lunar Lords (as misguided as I believe the lot of them are), if I’m going to make a spell, then I’m going to make a USEFUL one. I’m certain he’ll master it eventually, and he’ll be better off for having done so. It might not even be a stretch to suggest that future learning might come more easily to him afterward.

Anyways, so we began heading toward this thing called a vault, whatever the hay that means. Honestly, the concept seems a little sketchy to me right now, to the extent that I’m actually not very comfortable with the idea of a checking this out. My fear is that it’s not a vault at all, but something far more dangerous. I… I just don’t see this being a combination vault just lying on the floor in some ruins. Vault has to mean something different.

Regardless, we’re heading for it. Apparently it’s supposed to contain fragments of some great armor for the Crystal Empire or something? I think? I heard the words “armor of glory” mentioned more than a few times, so ideally this vault won’t be a complete waste of our time, but I’m sure it’ll be guarded. With a name like that, how couldn’t it be? Chances are we’ll be fighting constructs of some form or another, or undead, or something if that’s actually the case.

The Forest

Well… we wound up in a forest along the way, and when it came time to set our camp for the night and quiet down, I took the first watch along with Ashmore and my weapon, and he eagerly requested another lesson in regards to the spell. This is when he managed to produce the sparks that I mentioned before. Not great, but as I said it’s a start, though I can’t shake the feeling that if he’d only put a little more effort into it… ah, forget about what I think. It’s what he thinks that’s important. My own thoughts be damned.

Anyways, funny story, he woke up with the usual assortment of Goblins by him, gibbering something about “dragon warm” from what he’s told me. Apparently the same thing might’ve happened when I made him that lava bath before… but I’m beginning to wonder. Are these goblins displaced? Has something happened perhaps? Maybe there’s a reason that they’re so cold, and alone? Maybe we ought not to dismiss them without asking more questions first?

Well, apparently by the time I thought to ask them such a thing, they’d already gone, so we continued into the forest, and once again we stopped and held watch overnight. I attempted to teach Ashmore the bolt of wrath again, thinking that certainly it ought to go smoothly? Well, it didn’t… probably good that he didn’t, given that he was aiming for Painbow Dash’s cloud-fort. I don’t want to be the one to say that I didn’t know who was in it at the time, and I’m quietly glad that Ashmore didn’t manage to figure the spell out right then, or I would’ve had to explain this lot to Firebrand no doubt. I’d rather not think too hard about how well that would go.

From there Ashmore sought out a tree to sleep in as a means of escaping the ever conversational Painbow Dash, and for whatever reason I decided to join him up there. It made me feel a little excited to do something daring for a change, given how all I’ve managed to accomplish so far is to support in combat.

That aside, I think this is when I might’ve noticed for the first time that he seemed… larger. I chalked it up to my imagination though, and decided that I was probably just imagining this relatively small-ish increase in his size and stature. He’s probably always been that way, but I’ve never spent enough time around him prior to this to have truly realized it I suppose. In any case, that’s more or less how the night went on, at least until I fell asleep.

Dragons are made of heavy…

Well, um… see, the branch that Ashmore picked out to to sleep upon?
Turns out that it hadn’t been sufficient to carry his weight.

I recall stirring at first on account of a wooden groan, but it wasn’t sufficient to wake me past the early stages of demi-conscious awareness so I’d fallen back asleep… well, at least until the branch gave out beneath him. I just heard SNAP WHOOMPHFALLING!” CRACK, and I awoke with the thought that we were under attack or something. Heck, I quite nearly called the bonesaw into action right then and there.

The Slender Pony Assault

Of course, as it turned out, we were under attack. I figured it out when I saw an eerie… slender pony-being standing over Ashmore’s still-dazed form and I made to hurl the bonesaw at it, but I blinked, and just like that it was… just gone.

I thought it best to consult with my enchanted weapon.
“What the hay…? Slashchain, did you see that?”
“See what?”

Now that, was a scary moment. Slashchain has proven quite adept at catching the little things that I might miss from time to time when attempting to analyze my surroundings, so to hear it draw a blank when I was so certain that I’d sighted an entity standing over Ashmore was really quite unnerving. Plus, it got worse. Ashmore couldn’t see them. I was pointing and warning and casting spells, but not one of these beings took hits, and Ashmore was asking me if I was quite right in the head! It was really discouraging!

I think I was actually relieved when he finally noticed them, but then I was made aware of another problem as I sighted a horde of Zombified-Ponies approaching from one end of the clearing… but this was soon made considerably worse by the fact that there was a horde of darkness approaching from the other direction.

We were totally pinned between, not one, but two armies.
Just how lucky are we, right? Not very apparently.

So, Ashmore went to talk to the peculiar dark form.
As for me, well, I had a little heart to heart with the Lich.


That said… we did learn some important things.
The Peculiar book is apparently the Lich’s key to power.
That or maybe it’s just a really good read if you’re undead?
Maybe it’s just a really saucy love story. I don’t freaking know.
Well, you see, I didn’t recognize it at first, so it sorta got pissy.
“I’ve come for my book!” It shouted at me.

As for the other creature,
It was that thing from earlier. The dark thing with the tentacles and the spooky figure, from back when I’d accidentally dropped the house on top of firebrand. It came back for us. Unfortunately, it just so happens that this being is really quite sharp in reality.

“W-Wait… you only want the book?” It’d asked.
“Yes!” cried the Lich.


“I just want their souls, and to force them to serve and obey the daaarknessss.”
“Then we’re in agreement! You get their bodies and their souls, I get my book!”


I messed up… alright? I learned a lot from it, but I messed up.
Now we had two armies to fight, where they might’ve fought each other.

We won this battle too. I’ll insert the details later, and for now, I’m sleeping. (ooc)

Painbow Dash’s entry at the bottom of Lock’s journal!

Me and Lock totally got invited to ride the giant back of Ashmore! He actually invited the both of us to ride him! We are now totally dragon bareback bronies for life!

Bringing the Painbow!

Today was the Dashiest day ever! It was so fantastic! I met this dragon in a bar! A dragon! I had only killed those before, but Rainbow Dash is always accepting of Dragons and all ponies so I must be as well! Me and Ashmore (that’s the dragon) became the fastest of friends! I told him all about Rainbow Dash and the amazing super fantastical fanclub that I started in her honor! He seemed so enthusiastic about the club he joined nearly right away! It was the fastest member joining the club ever! There was a little bar fight or something, me and Ashmore were knocked out or passed out drunk, I’m not sure which, but we slept nicely together all night! It was sooo Rainbow!

Ashmore and I met up with some of his other friends, they apparently had some big mission to undertake to kill some cultist thingies somewhere, I dunno. Either way I would follow Ashmore anywhere! I couldn’t think of leaving my best friend to face danger alone! He was marked with Rainbow Dashness after all! Still I rode on his back most of the time and I thought I should give him a shower too! It was a ton of fun! I Dashed back and forth telling everyone about Rainbow Dash and her amazingness! It was such a Rainbow journey!

We made it to this cave thing and I Dashed inside to fight these cultist thingies, nothing is worse then cultists! They just pester you and pester you and never give up! They honestly don’t know when to quit! Anyways Dashing into the cave I brought the Painbow to all those evildoers! I took out my Katana and sliced the heads off those evil ponies! My new friends did a good job but they left one alive, so I Dashed to kill it before it could harm my friends! The most unRainbow thing happened though! This magic pony person named Lock freaked out and smashed me to the ground. I have no idea why he freaked out either! So I Dashed to freedom down a hall!

Down the hall I went, meanwhile apparently there was fighting behind me, I Dashed in for victory, but the big fat demon things were already dead as I didn’t Dash fast enough. Dashing wasn’t Dash enough to Dash in for a Dashing victory. Dash. Therefore to make sure my best of friends were not threatened again I Dashed forward to bring a Dashing Painbow victory next time!

My best friend Ashmore told me to hurry on ahead, so I Dashed forward into a swarm of enemies! IT WAS AWESOME! They tried to attack me but I Painbow Dodged everything with an amazing Dash! Then I Dashed in and decapitated a cultist pony bastard. Then as my trusted friends Dashed in I Dashed into another evil cultist pony and I brought the Painbow soooo much I cut him in half! It was the most Rainbowest thing ever!

I then turned to my most trusted and bestest of friend Ashmore and told him to breathe ice at me. He seemed to have an amazing grin on his face and breathed a large amount of ice. I then Dashed the Dashiest tornado ever with tons of Painbowing, and it killed a bunch of very bad guys! It was so totally the most Rainbow thing ever! Ashmore seemed a bit sad by the result but maybe he likes those evil ponies.

Finally these cultist people summoned a demon pony! It was totally Rainbow! It was black and evil and spewed fire, and was a pony, and was evil, and spewed fire, and killed its own cultists, and sooooo Rainbow amazing! It spewed fire at all of my friends, but I Dashed the fastest I’ve ever Dashed out of the way! Ashmore was more then happy to sit in some warm fire. Then I had the most Painbowing idea ever! Telling all my bestest of friends to shoot ice at me I created the biggest hurricane blizzard very through Dashing! The demon pony was super destroyed! It was amazingly Rainbow!

On the journey back to talked to all my new friends about Rainbow Dash. While Ashmore and me were the closest of friends I tried very hard to be good friends with all ponies here, as I should be friends with anyone Ashmore is friends with. When we finally got back to a town, I have no idea where but that’s nothing new, my friends separated and I followed by bestest buddy Ashmore. It was soooo Rainbow! I offered to treat him to some friendly drinks and I managed to convince even more ponies about joining the Rainbow Dash Fanclub! Soooo Rainbow!

Ashmore seemed to have left the bar in a hurry and it seems he was looking for other dragons. It was very weird as dragons stay away from ponies most times, but Ashmore is my bestest buddy so I followed him! He was Dashing to nowhere fast so I instead picked him up and Dashed super fast with him all over town! He was so super happy and I brought him back to the bar afterwards. He was so happy to meet Lock there. Lock and me promised to help him make a lava bath, so we walked out of town and Lock asked me about why I killed those cultist ponies. He seemed a little upset by the conversation but I told him truthfully that bad cultists can never be trusted and that if I left them alive he coulda hurt my best friends. Lock didn’t seem convinced but I would never lie to my friends, so I’ll try harder later.

After me and Lock left Ashmore in the lava pit (where he seemed very Rainbow in that lava…I wanna go in lava) Lock and me walked back to the bar. He seemed interested in Rainbow Dash so I couldn’t leave my new friend to not know. I told him everything I know about Rainbow Dash and he seemed really happy about it! So I asked him if he wanted to join and he totally did! It was so Rainbow! We were becoming the bestest of friends!

Back at the bar I managed to convert yet another Fanclub member! He seemed super happy about joining too! So many ponies are become fans! It’s great! We called it an early night and by the next day we were on our way on another adventure! Ashmore joined up with us again and we totally found a rock quarry! It took so long in that line, but guess what! I managed to convince yet another pony to join the fanclub! He was so Rainbow about it he started talking to new ponies about it! So Rainbowing awesome!

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