Imperial Mocha

An amnesiac musician from raised in Fort Eclipse.


Character Info

Name Race Age Element Purpose Cutie Mark
Imperial Mocha Pegasus Stallion Laughter To spread joy of music Bass and Treble Clef


Mind (M) Body (B) Heart (H)
7 7 7
Energy(M+B) Courage(M+H) Fortitude(B+H)
14/14 14/14 14/14
Willpower(M+B+H) Sanity(10+Will+M)
21/21 28/38
Aerobatics Weathercraft
5 5


Talents Flaws Skills Jobs
Agile Jealousy Violinist (Rank 6) Musician (Rank 7)
Creative Guitarist (Rank 6)
Composer (Rank 6)
Violinist (Rank 6) Guitarist (Rank 6)
Composer (Rank 6)
Common Troll Old Equestrian
Musician (Rank 7)
Advancements EXP Cost Effect
Toast of the Town (Fort Eclipse) Free + Heart on all rolls while you’re in that location.
Egghead x4 10xp +1 Mind Permanently
Iron Pony x4 10xp +1 Body Permanently
Stout Heart x4 10xp +1 Heart Permanently
Awesome Aerobatics 5xp +1 Aerobatics Permanently
Wonderous Weathercraft 5xp +1 Weather Patrol Permanently
Fantasizing Music 0xp Fascinate/fantasize with an enemy
Winged Victory 5xp Pegasus Pony character counts wings as appropriate tool for purposes of flying (but not affecting the weather)
Tough as Horseshoes 5xp Ignore first point of injury damage received once per scene
Perfect Pet 5xp You may have a pet of your choice (with GM approval). The companion can follow basic commands and will take the initiative to help the player to the best of its ability.
Wubz 20xp With any instrument you are skilled in u can create a damaging wave of sonic energy.
Fastest in Equestria x2 10xp Increase base move by 5.

EXP Spent: 258/258

Innate Bonuses
Weather Patrol:Can create/manipulate the weather.
Cloudwalking: Interact with clouds as if solid.
Flight Attributes: Gain two flight attributes.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Crystal
140 100 6 00 00
Item Quantity Carry it?
Villa (Violin) x1 Yes
Genesis (Guitar) x1 Yes
Vista the Fabulously Magical Violin of Energy x1 Yes
Minerva(Dagger of Dementinal Bane: +4 on interdimential beings, +2 on everything else) x1 Yes
Rations x13 Yes
Strife (Cloud Amulet) x1 Yes

An amnesiac Pegasus who hails from an unknown land who seems to have an extensive knowledge of music with an equally impressive talent for playing a number of instruments.

Found as a young foal, Mocha was adopted by a town guard by the name of Imperial Riku in Fort Eclipse, where he befriended many of the young ones. As Mocha grew older, he had found interest in music and had been taken under the wing of Octavia, a music prodigy, thus gaining his cutie mark, a bass and treble clef in the shape of a heart to represent his love for music.

As mentor and learner, Octavia and Mocha has a close relationship with each other, much like a brother and sister. But one day, Octavia had failed to arrive for one of their scheduled performances in Gallopton. It was unlike Octavia to miss such an important event, so Mocha had begun to look for her.

Months passed with little success of finding Octavia, and Mocha comes across a small town called, “Traveler’s Rest”, to look for the guidance of the local Musician’s Guild.

Imperial Mocha

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