Painbow Dash


Character Info

Name Race Age Element Purpose Cutie Mark
Painbow Dash Pegasus Stallion Loyalty Rainbow Dash in Everything! Tornado with lightning bolts (covered by glued on picture of Rainbow Dash)


Mind (M) Body (B) Heart (H)
3 8 5
Energy (M+B) Courage (M+H) Fortitude(Fort) (B+H)
11/11 5/8 3/13
Willpower(M+B+H) Sanity (15+Will+M) Aerobatics Weathercraft
15/16 33/34 17 9
Movement Weight Currently Carrying
61 48 light, 96 medium, 144 heavy 17


Talents Flaws Skills Jobs
Fast Dense Painbow-ing (rank 2) Rainbow Dash Fan Club President (rank 2)
Agile Dashing (rank 2) “Teacher” (rank 1)
Tireless Sword Fighting (rank 3)
Advancements EXP Cost Effect
On the job training (Fan Club President) 3 Choose a single Job and increase its Level by one.
Hidden Talent (Tireless) 15 Choose a new talent, and add it to the Talents you have.
Wonderous Weathercraft x2 2×5 Increase Weathercraft by 1 for each rank invested.
Awesome Aerobatics x10 11×5 Increase the Pegasus Pony attribute Aerobatics by 1 permanently.
Tough as Horseshoes 5 Ignore the first point of Injury damage received once per scene.
New Skill (Sword Fighting) 5 Choose a new Skill. The chosen Skill is at level 1 and provides a +1 bonus to rolls when applicable
Winged Victory 5 Your Pegasus Pony character counts their wings as an Appropriate Tool for the purposes of flying
Iron Pony x4 4×10 Increase the primary attribute Body by 1 permanently
Stout Heart x3 3×10 Increase the primary attribute Heart by 1 permanently
Handy Pony 15 Treat all Tools as one effectiveness level higher than they are (maximum Superior)
Skill-up (Sword Fighting) x2 2+3 Increased skill level.
Winged Victory 5 Your Pegasus Pony character counts their wings as an Appropriate Tool for the purposes of flying
Hoof-to-Hoof Combat 5 Your pony character counts their hooves as an Appropriate Tool for the purposes of fighting
Sonic boom 25 Breach the sound barrier with enough speed up time, move 250ft straight to break sound barrier (1,126 movespeed), no major shock wave yet, also you need to make a aerobatics check to successfully turn. +5 move, +1 aerobatics
SONICBOOM 40 Only need to travel 200ft straight, turning no longer takes a check, after another 500ft you reach mach 3(3378 movespeed). +5 Move, +1 Aerobatics
Stormbringer 15 +4 Weathercrafting checks, take less from electric damage

EXP Spent: 278/279

Innate Bonuses

Weather Patrol: Can create/manipulate the weather
Cloudwalking: Interact with clouds as if solid
Flight Attributes: gain two flight attributes


Currency (Bits)
Bronze Sliver Gold Platinum Crystal
43 20 06 00 00
Item Quantity Carry it? Weight
Katana – Superior +6 x1 yes 6
Pegasus (leather) Armor +6 – Superior x1 yes 10
Bag 20 pounds 1 Yes 0
Rations 18 no 3
Dagger – Rusty 1 no 1
Corral 2 no 1
Rainbow Dash Picture! 1 yes 0
Opal 2 no 1
Golden Medallion 2 no 0
Yellow Stone? Dire Need? 1 no 0
Golden Glory Armor 1 Yes 0
Lightning Band 1 Yes 0
Carry Ring +20 1 yes 0

Painbow Dash immulates Rainbow Dash in everything, including appearance. Magically dyed hair, magically altered skin color, and even a half botched gelding experiment (see picture for details), all this in attempt to copy Rainbow Dash. When failing at the gelding Painbow Dash has instead resolved to marry Rainbow Dash or at the very least obsess over everything Rainbow Dash says, does, and wants. His ultimate dream is to meet Rainbow Dash and worshiping her as a god

Painbow Dash’s true history is a mystery as he consistently states he’s Painbow Dash and always has been so. He also denies every having his hair color changed, stating he was born this way. While not the sharpest tool in the shed it has been reported outside of knowledge of Rainbow Dash, truly there isn’t much to Painbow Dash.

Painbow Dash has been known to be a tad extreme at times in his devotion to Rainbow Dash. He went on a 3 year campaign against an artist who failed to properly paint Rainbow Dash’s wing length on a painting. The artist in question eventually had a mental breakdown and now says and paints nothing but perfect Rainbow Dash. Painbow Dash reportedly did not allow the artist a moments peace during those 3 years dogging him every single waking and sleeping moment. The victim in question remains in a mental institute muttering nothing but Rainbow Dash and drawing the most perfect portraits of Rainbow Dash from across Equestria.

Currently Painbow Dash brings the Painbow to his foes (usually dashing on the way there), and spends much of his time spreading the Rainbow Dash Fanclub (many authorities have likened it to a cult due to the obsessiveness of its President) across the land.

Painbow Dash does not realize that Rainbow Dash is actually from the Solar Empire.

Possible children’s names with Rainbow Dash:
1. Prainbow Dash
2. Northern Lights
3. Southern Lights
4. Dasher
5. The Dash
6. Aurora Borealis
7. Stratosphere (Stratos for short)
8. Double Dash
9. Mach
10. Avro

Cult…err Fanclub status

Currently has 11 members, 3 of whom are fanatics.

Document Blowing in the Breeze

Patient Name Maelstrom also known as Mael or, sigh, “Painbow Dash”
Submitted 45 Days ago
Reason Cuties Mark out of control
Description Gray scale pattern mane with muddy brown coat
Age of Subject: Late stage Colt
Nature of Locating: Subject was located after found wandering in a rainstorm. When retrieved subject the storm continued to follow. Every hoofstep resulted in an uncontrollable lightning strike and a rustling of subject’s wings caused hurricane gale winds. Uncontrollable nature of Cutie Mark made subject prime target for experiment.
Origin of Subject: Was born in a village that borders the Solar Empire. Live a fairly normal life as an infant and for the most part as a foal. Was extremely well read and intelligent, even compared to Unicorns. Family owned and operated the village library and subject noted that he read every book in it. Subject’s goal was to know the most about the weather (and consequently everything else as the subject had the ridiculous notion that every single action has an effect n the weather). Subject demonstrated the knowledge repeatedly by being able to predict future weather conditions (not around the subject of course) and the exact manner of conditions (such as number of lightning strikes, amount of rain, strength of wind, and so on).
Onset of condition: Condition occurred midway through foal growth cycle, when subject’s Cutie Mark manifested. Subject immediately did not have control of abilities and ran (to this day) amok. Subject began to distance himself from the town for he grew increasingly unpopular as storms of varying nature would spring up with the slightest of movements.
Events to current acquisition: Subject grew increasingly despondent and depressed and began to wander. As subject was initially a Foal he was not permitted to travel far, but none the less came in contact with a Solar Empire village. There he met another Foal known as Rainbow Dash. We mention this event as it will be significant later in this document. Subject would observe Rainbow Dash for hours, sometimes days, from afar. As subject grew older he attempted to emulate Rainbow Dash’s very happy attitude and mannerisms in attempt to convince himself of his happiness. However later as he became a Colt and Rainbow Dash left her own village he began to wander the countryside.
Experiment: The experiment used a large number of techniques including hypnosis, sleep deprivation, intensive medication, physical and mental torture, and finally brainwashing. Experiment lasted for over 6 months and sole goal was to suppress out of control Cutie Mark by modifying the subject’s mental functions.
Result: Overwhelming success. Subject’s condition of out of control Cutie Mark disappeared and despondent personality vanished with it. However there was an unintended side effect. With the Cutie Mark suppressed subject’s personality and memory underwent an unforeseeable change. Subject seemingly forgot majority of past and who he was. Experiment suppressed everything related to the Cutie Mark, and therefore we postulate this also suppressed memories and personality related to it.
Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation was a complete failure. Subject initially believed that he was Rainbow Dash, as seemingly those were the only memories not tied directly to his Cutie Mark. After days of informing subject that Rainbow Dash is female, and that he was not, he instead began to believe he was a leader of some sort of group dedicated to Rainbow Dash, as he so put it “Why would I know so much about Rainbow Dash and nothing else if that wasn’t my goal in life!” Rehabilitation lasted 4 weeks in an attempt to restore subject to somewhat original state, however the process was called off short. Subject began to refer to himself as Painbow Dash and his incessant chatter of Rainbow Dash for nearly 16 hours every day for 4 weeks drove half the research team to insanity. The remaining team has released Painbow Dash from the facility in hopes that he would leave. I write this document in hopes that should anyone see this Painbow Dash, flee in any direction.

Painbow Dash

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