Character Info

Name Race Age Element Purpose Cutie Mark
rammsy griffin Stallion Loyalty food sushi


Mind (M) Body (B) Heart (H)
3 7 7
Energy (M+B) Courage (M+H) Fortitude(Fort) (B+H)
10/10 10/10 14/14
Willpower(M+B+H) Sanity (15+Will+M) Aerobatics
17/17 35/35 8


Talents Flaws Skills Jobs
convince superiority complex Intimidate (rank 4 ) gorment (rank 1)
Advancements EXP Cost Effect
Iron Pony 2x 10 Increase body by 1 permanently
Stout Heart x1 2×10 Increase Heart by 1 permanently.
Iron Stomach 20 Eat almost anything to not starve with little negative effects
squirrel speak 5 You can speak with animal
Monster whisperer 20 You can speak with monsters
claw-to-claw Combat 10 Your character counts their claws as an superior Tool for the purposes offighting (+4)
*Stand united& 50

EXP Spent: 145/148

Innate Bonuses

Cloudwalking: Interact with clouds as if solid
Flight : Griffons have a broad pair of feathery wings that allows them to fly like pegasi characters. their wings can be used as an Appropriate Tool for rolls involving flight, and they can stand on clouds as if they are solid objects if they choose, like pegasi can.
Aerobatics, same as peagasi

Claws: Griffons have a pair of sharp claws that can be used an Appropriate Tool for the purpose of gaining a Tool bonus to any roll for which using claws would be appropriate.

Eagle Eyes: Griffons roll twice to notice things by sight and use the better result. They can also see much further than ponies.

Grific presence: System for buffing and debuffing
-Inspire Courage/fear, griffinheart 3 per point added/subtracted to all checks, also restores that much courage, can cause damage but is savable. Lasts till end of scene. Can only be used once per scene.
-Inspire Competence/failure, 1 per point added/subtracted to a check to one person. Lasts for check.
-Griffinheart daily = will + heart (24/24)


Currency (Bits)
Bronze Sliver Gold Platinum Crystal
00 32 00 00 00
Item Quantity Carry it?
8 days rachtions


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