Custom EXP Improvements

Extra improvements for you all to take, they are still somewhat subject to change and if are changed ill allow u to be reimbursed the exp if you took it.

Race Specific Improvements

Extra pockets 5exp
+5 hammerspace while wearing any clothes that could hold an item

Strong back 15exp non-unicorn
+10 to your max light carry capacity (is then timesd in)

Where were you hiding that? 20exp
+10 hammerspace capacity

Unflappable 30exp and must have seen some freaky shit
Major Loss of courage freakouts and minor sanity loss freakouts do not occur, also lower sanity losses by 1 once per scene.

Sturdy Flyer 25 exp 5+ body, wings
Medium loads no longer inhibit flying and you can now fly with a penalty with a heavy load.
Medium armor also does not effect your flight

Flying tank 40 exp, 10+ body, sturdy flyer,wings
Heavy loads no longer inhibit flight.
Neither does heavy armor.

Mind over matter 10exp
Instead of /2 your will score for hammerspace you get your full willpower

Im not giving him cake, IM ASSAULTING HIM WITH CAKE 15exp
You can use almost anything as an appropriate tool for attacking

Monster whisperer, 20 exp, squirrel speak, 5+ heart
You can speak with monsters

Monster Encyclopedia, 15exp
+4 to checks to learn/know about a monster and will know more about them

Iron Stomach 20 exp
Eat almost anything to not starve with little negative effects

Annnnnd Repressed, 15 exp
+10 Max Sanity

Lucky Day, 40 exp
Out of combat you can make one failure a success once per session. Does not work if the plan is really dumb or for impossible tasks.

Fighter of Fortune, 40exp
Your crit range for weapon attack combat checks increases to 19. 18 for earth ponys.

Lucky break, 40 exp
You crit range for physical defense increases to 19. 18 for earth ponys

Mystic luck 40 exp
You crit range for magic/potions becomes 19, your whether craft crit range becomes 18-20

Fastest in Equestria, 10 exp
increase you base move by 5

Cant fail now! Alright. Later then. 20exp
Once per session you can negate a crit fail, however the gm can have this come back to haunt you in the same session.

Tail of holding, 15 exp, poofy tail
+5hammer space as long as you have your tail

Wubz, 20 exp, a instrument proficiency
With any instrument you are skilled in u can create a damaging wave of sonic energy.

Stand united 50exp
You can restore up to your entire party from sidelined once a session. They can either restore full courage, 1/2 energy or 2 fort.

True to your element 10 exp,
When you would regain willpower from staying to your element you gain 1 more.

You gotta share, you gotta care, 20 exp
When you restore an ally from being sidelined they gain 1 to all secondary stats extra or 1 will and you get 1 courage or energy.

That was close! 20 exp
When doing a defensive action you can decide whether or not to take energy damage instead if fort.

Friendship is Badass, 20 exp
when doing “team attacks” you can add the your harmony bonus to the total roll. This will allow the addition to add the sixth person.
eg you and another person have this and attack in tandem, +1+2 are added to your total.

Two bits, One bit! 20 exp
when bartering decrease your opponents roll by half of your natural roll.

Limit Break, 35 exp, and any prerequisits for the limit break you want
Talk to the gm, you can have more than one but you need to buy it again
page in extra rules Limitbreaks

Inspiring Words, 20 exp, 4+ heart
once per scene you can say something to encourage a pony, can be used to get them out of sidelined with those entailed effect provided they can hear you, they roll a 1d4 for every 4 heart you have and they can split the rolls total between any of their secondary attributes.

Cat’s Balance, 10 exp
You gain a +1 to Stealth rolls when attempting to move silently, and you also gain a +2 bonus to rolls when trying to land safely and avoid damage after falling.

Counter Attack 25 exp +5 body or +5 mind
If you successfully block or dodge an opponents attack you can counterattack once per round.

Improved Counter Attack 45 exp, counter attack, +10 body or + 10 mind
If you successfully block or dodge an opponents attack you can counterattack

Hold the line, 25 exp
For every sidelined ally you get +1,2,4,8 ext to your rolls

Trademark Item, 5 exp
You have one unique item (name it if you want) that you have used for so long it has become second nature. Gives an extra +1 to its checks. Only you can gain these bonuses. If a Trademark item is lost it can be replaced, but the benefit from this improvement does not return to the replacement item for two weeks. you can get this multiple times for different items.

Improved Trademark Item, 10 exp, Trademark Item
The bonus from your Trademark item increases to +2. You may take this improvement multiple times, each time applying it to a different Trademark item.

Signature Spell, 5 exp, spell like ability
There is a particular spell that you have cast so often, it has become almost second nature. When you take this improvement, choose a single cantrip or spell you have: when casting this cantrip or spell, you receive a +1 bonus to the roll made to cast it. You may take this Improvement multiple times, each time choosing a different cantrip or spell.

Improved Signature Spell, 10 exp, Signature Spell
The bonus from your Signature Spell increases to +2. You may take this improvement multiple times, each time applying it to a different Signature Spell.

Like Two Peas in a Pod, 25 exp, A companion or pet improvement
The GM Upgrades your respective improvement. This can be taken multiple times, even on the same improvement.

It was under E, 15 exp
When looking for something specific in an area you get +2 to rolls and an extra reroll.

enchantment. 25 exp, magic like ability
persistent effects difficult is decreased by 5

Brave, 5 exp
add 1 permanent courage

Enduring, 5 exp
add 1 permanent Fortitude

Boundless, 5 exp
add 1 permanent Energy

Iron Will, 8 exp
add 1 permanent Will

Unnatural Strength, 25 exp >15 body
add 1 body

Expanded Mind, 25 exp >15 mind
add 1 mind

Heart!, 25 exp, >15 heart
add 1 heart

Master of the Sky, 15 exp, >15 areobatis
add 1 areobatics

Master of Weather, 15 exp, >15 wheathercraft
add 1 wheathercraft

Custom EXP Improvements

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